Week 4 progress

During this week we have discussed a lot about the project and the tools we are going to use from now. As we are working with a different development and we will only be doing the tests, we should work with tools that the dev team is comfortable using. The project is a web application, something that most of us have done before, but in different ways and using different tools. After talking a little bit with the other part of the team, we agreed to use VueJS instead of React for the front end, mainly because is a framework that most of use are familiar with. The database is going to be done with PostgresSQL, that already has it’s own testing framework. For the API the team decided to go with Golang and Travis for integration testing. The architecture looks like this:


The set-up is already available at the dev team repositories here:

Client – https://github.com/gdlroutes/client

API – https://github.com/gdlroutes/api/tree/develop



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